Fear of heights?


Fear of Heights. One of the world’s top irrational fears or phobia. It is one of the most common answers when you ask people about their fears.

But what makes them scared, really? Is it how high up they are and they can see how far they are from the ground? Or, is it the fear of falling from where they are? Studies show that it isn’t the height that people are afraid of. They are actually afraid of falling.

For most people, heights mean fear. A place too high where they can view the whole world before them. A place where they feel that dizziness and nausea that comes with that fear. For some, it is an adventure, a challenge. A symbol of strength and hard work. Are you the first or the second?

For us here at INNOVATE, heights is an achievement. It is a state where we know we’ve reached our goals, and we can reach more. It is a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. When we reach heights, it gives us pleasure. It drives us to reach more heights and achieve more milestones.

We do not fear heights. We embrace it. After all, fear is only a state of mind. It’s all about perspective. Things are what they are based upon how you look at them. We are not fearless, but we are driven. Share our perspective, and let us take you there.