Corporate Gift Items for 46th UAE National Day

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Have you heard “giving gifts” is one of the most exciting premise for human behavior studies, with scientists, economists and marketers all trying to find the right answer. Surprisingly, they have found that giving gifts is a more complex and and an essential factor in human interaction.

As a matter of fact, giving gifts help define connections and strengthen bonds with friends and family members. Psychologists believed that it is often the giver, rather than the recipient, who receives more psychological gains from a gift. For your business, giving gifts is very important because not only does it promote your company branding, but also strengthen your bond with your employees and clients.

This coming 46th UAE National Day,  Innovate Advertising & Marketing will provide memorable gift items for your company that are both useful and sentimental.

We guarantee up to 20% discount for more quantity of orders.  We are always ready for you, you can contact us on the following number:

Business Landline – +971 2 443 8949

Arabic Speaker – +971 56 111 8087 (Rami)

English Speaker – +971 56 127 5057 (Cris)  English  

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Ready Made National Day Box Gift Items

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