Google vs Facebook vs Twitter: The Underdog Story; Infographics

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Google vs Facebook vs Twitter: The Battle Begins

Google: Grants you instant access to information worldwide.

Facebook: Connecting you with your family & Friends.

Twitter: Simple sharing of information.

These three BIG people in the online marketing industry have one in common: They get their revenue through advertisement, period.

2012 Revenue in Billion
 Google Facebook Twittter
43.69 5.089 .2694
 50.55  7.872  .5949
 59.06  12.466  1.096

Google had consistently dwarfed its advertising competitors in terms of revenue but that might not be the case in terms of revenue growth analysis.

Revenue Growth Increase in Two Years

Google: 35%

Facebook: 144%

Twitter: 306%

While twitter paled in revenue comparison to its overwhelming competitors, it represented an unbelievable growth rate of 306%. That growth rate can be attributed to its strength in fast-growing mobile advertising.


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