The Tweeting Pothole of Panama

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Have you heard about The Tweeting Pothole? It’s cool, it’s innovative and it’ll change your view regarding social media today.

Tweeting pothole is a small hockey puck-like device, it can fit in any pothole size, and it sends tweeting repair requests to authorities whenever a car drove over it.

Tweeting Pothole

Potholes? If you’re new to this, it’s as you see in the photo, it’s a type of failure in an asphalt pavement, caused by the presence of water in the underlying soil structure and presence of traffic passing over the affected area. Pothole size can become bigger if it’s not fixed immediately.

P4 Ogilby & Mather launched the Tweeting Pothole last week June 1, 2015, in an effort to combat road challenge among angry drivers and passengers.

This time, Panama citizens aren’t the only ones complaining about potholes, but the potholes too. Crazy, right?

On the other hand, potholes can not only disturb your passengers, but may also damage your car’s tire puncture, exhaust system, and engine. These are only few of potholes’ side effects. As driver ourselves, we don’t want these kinds of problems, do we? It’s not only a waste of money but it is obviously a waste of time going from time to time to car shops for maintenance.

The Tweeting Pothole from P4 Ogilvy on Vimeo.

It would seem that in the rush to build a modern city, Panama, forgot to take care of its existing streets. Creating the contradiction of modern buildings and damaged streets, Modern buildings, Damaged streets. And this is not amusing for the people that drive on these streets in every day.

The most influential noon show of Panama decided to take the thoughts of these angry drivers directly to those responsible. Telemetro Reporta presents, The Tweeting Pothole. Inside potholes in the busiest street of Panama we installed the device that every time it’s run over by vehicle sending a complaint tweet directly to the twitter account of the department of public works.

In addition, a special segment was created in the news show. Many people followed and participated, they didn’t just take a liking to the Tweeting Pothole, but also took it as someone they can interact with and would make their claims public.

Not surprisingly, potholes started disappearing, the streets are being repaired. Our tweets started the solution that is currently being carried out. With this initiative, Telemetro Reporta pointed out the hassle drivers suffer directly to those responsible.

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