We Take Our Time To Save Yours


Nowadays, I would often hear most people complain about their lack of time and how they feel like 24 hours is not enough to have their tasks done in one day. I’m certain that all of you experience the same thing. Lack of time has become a global phenomenon with the rapid advances in technology and culture. Although, I find it ironically funny how people live fast lives and yet, they still complain about the lack of time.

Time management, regardless of how many times we find its importance and how it is drilled into our minds over and over again, is something that has not been mastered by the majority. I plead guilty. If it were the case, then the world will be a better place. There will be no misunderstandings, arguments, conflicts, and stress over missed deadlines, appointments, or important occasions. Everyone lives happily ever after. Ahhh..that sounds good, right? I cannot emphasize enough how time is very important for all of us. And we all have our own ways to value it.

With the standard eight hours per day and five days a week, managing our time here at INNOVATE is simple. From 8:00AM to 5:00PM, our team understands that we need to fully dedicate ourselves to providing nothing but excellent service to our clients. That’s just how things work around here.

Six years in the business helped us to understand that creativity requires our time, and that’s what we give. In the advertising world, deadlines are the deadliest of the deadliest. If you don’t meet that, you might as well get yourself killed on the way to work. I kid. But kidding aside, we all know how this is important. If we meet the deadline, then that means we valued our client’s time.

We understand the importance of yours. Trusting someone with your time is risky. They can only do two things: save it or waste it. So in return, we use our time to come up with the best quality of our service. May it be an ad, a logo, business, brochure, or website, we take our time. Creativity shouldn’t have any boundaries, nor interruptions. It is not an easy task. Although it is not entirely tiresome, it still requires one’s full attention.

Picture this. With 10 seconds, we can think of the idea. With 10 minutes, we get the rough picture. With an hour, we get more clear details. And by the end of the day, we get the job done.

Each requirement is different from one another. It depends on what needs to be done. And this example may not always be the case. Sometimes, a project requires us to give more than the standard working hours. Regardless, we take our time. Or should I say, we give our time. And that’s what values the most.

We don’t count every hour of every day. We make every hour of every day count.