WhatsApp with Communication Technology?

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People. I see them. You see them. Capable of feelings, thoughts, emotions.

Internet and Technology. I see it. You see it. Rigid, impassive, soul-less.

Our dependence on technology is making us devoid of actual human emotions. Yes, that maybe too strong a statement. But look at it this way.

Text-ing over verbal talking? Tweeting over true networking? E-books over paperbacks? Emails over traditional pen and paper writing. My bad, Facebook-walling over emails over pen and paper. The good ol’ times of tying notes on pigeon legs.

We all have more than one personality but through the latest technological breakthroughs, these personalities are as different as black and white; a confident person on the internet, a shy person in real. A famous person on Facebook, a friendless person in actuality.

Then there are the online personality tests, color quizzes and horoscopes all involving an assessment of yourself based on information you provide. Of course using a common answer template. We are all different, following that is just wrong. If you don’t sit straight does NOT necessarily mean you are a slouch! Maybe you are just sleepy since you don’t get enough shut-eye every night with your 6 month old baby girl crying her eyes out.

What about those teenagers with skin problems following ‘medical’ advice passed through internet. And have you heard of that website where you can hire ‘friends’ at a minimal cost? The horror.

And now you can never enjoy the magical feeling of getting lost in a city. Because, most probably you have a GPS with you.

With Smartphones named after fruits, everyone is hungry for a bite off the latest in gadgets. With BB messenger’s and Whatsapp’s, Facebook’s and Google +’s, there is absolutely no way you can avoid those you don’t want to stay in touch with.

If you don’t use any of these applications or gadgets, generally most would assume you have expired.

I will have to admit I typed all this rather than using the traditional ink and paper medium I defended earlier.

Oh well, sometimes it’s just convenient.

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