Innovators’ Take in the Upcoming Celebration of 44th UAE National Day



November 26, Thursday, everyone seems joyous even in their busy schedule early morning at the office. We asked some of our employees in their say on the 44th UAE National Day celebration, and what we have found out is something unexpected.

We decided to set-up an ambush interview among our random employees without them knowing that they are being interviewed and everything they say is being recorded. This way, we were able to know their real take in celebrating UAE National Day.

We also decided not to ask our local employees, because we’re confident that they’re all patriotic and nationalistic.

“I’m going to enjoy the four days off work partying with my friends at Dubai, kidding! I’m sure it will be nice to spend quality time with my son Abdullah,” Said by our Marketing Executive, Rana, 22 from Chicago, USA.

“Going to the beach at night to celebrate UAE day sounds cool to me, after all, my son loves the beach and I love fireworks, so it’s like hitting 3 birds with one stone. You get to participate in celebrating the founding of UAE, spend quality time with my son, and the pretty me will surely get to see to awesome fireworks display, ain’t I a genius?” she added.

“I think that participating in an event like UAE National Day is a must for all expatriates. I mean, were talking about the founding of the country we are working with right now,” said by our Multi-media Design Executive Theresa, from Iloilo, Philippines, when asked if she’s participating in the celebration.

“Besides there’s no way we would miss the Cycling Parade, I heard that it’s history in the making for the first and largest UAE moving flag in Dubai,” Theresa added.

One of our Graphic Designer, Kashif, even without asked, voices his opinion in this matter.

“I feel so happy about this holiday because I can have four days off from work. I hope we can celebrate National Day every month.”

“I can’t celebrate UAE National Day because I have to go back to Philippines for my one month vacation. But I think this year’s celebration would be so much fun since I had fun attending the previous event last year,” added by our Social Media Manager, Hyzent.

Our SEO specialist, Mark, 27 from Philippines, in his usual serious tone, “Each time we celebrate National Day it seems to me like we’re following a year of new achievements, and being able to witness it, is an honor.”

“Surely the country is amazing; it has changed so much in a very short period of time, and to be able to work in this country means to be part of something big” – Mohamed.

For us, it’s kind of surprising to hear these things from our employees. We thought that since they are not from the country, most of them will just ignore the topic or say something irrelevant. Well it seems this is not the case.

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